lørdag den 16. juli 2011

Thank you very much

I have recieved my first award and I'm very thankfull to Anna Schüler Morgenweich  for it.


And therefore I'm gladly pased it on to some of my favorite blogs which deserve it
The reason why is this:

The purpose with this award is to bring focus into unknown and good blogs. Therefore I ask you, please, not to post blogs there already have 3000 followers, but just talented beginners which haven't been blogging very long.

Write a blog post where you post the Award pic. and copy the reason why. Also you have to link to the person who gave you the award and  leave a comment in his og hers blog to tell that you will recieve this award and link to his/hers blog.

After that you post 3-5 of your favorite blogs and remember to inform them in their comment boxes that you'll award them and link to their blog

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej. Åh, jeg er så glad for den award og jeg linker gerne til din blog

  2. Thank you for the award ~ it is so kind of you to think of me! I have put the award in a post and linked back to your blog. I will in time pass it on to others! ♥

  3. We've been out of town and we're just now getting your message. Thank you for thinking of us.