torsdag den 10. november 2011

The history of Hammerhus Castle Ruin

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on my photo of Hammerhus Castle Ruin i B&W. The castle is located here in Bornholm where I live. Here is the original photo.

Legend has it that when God had created the Nordic countries he had a bit left with all the best pieces of nature. He had a bit of the steepest rocks, the most foaming sea, the finest sand, the most beautiful views, and the most wonderful woods.With his big hands he kneaded all these bits together and then threw them far out in the Baltic Sea.
This is how Bornholm was created! 
Very Cute. 
Here is a link in English where you can read more about the history of Hammerhus. Enjoy. wikipedia 

At this link you can find more photos at Hammerhus.

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  1. Amazing how a picture can change character by removing colours. Even if its interesting to see their real appear, I still prefer B/W.
    you live in a spectaculary place Ralline :-)

  2. It's beautiful castle with snow on the ground.

    In the area I live is rarely snow.

    Warm regards

  3. It's very interesting.
    This castle is really beautiful. Lovely photo.

  4. Hei!

    Hyggelig at du fant veien inn til meg :-)

    Du verden, det var et flott bilde av en majestetisk slottsruin! Kledde veldig godt å være i svart/hvitt også! :-)

  5. Love for food...Yes the photo turned out very dramatic in B/W.

    Ventana de Foto: Thank you

    Dimitri: Glad you like it. Hammerhus is the most know landmark here at Bornholm and of course known in all of Denmark not only for the most wonderful view but also for it's history. I'll write about in another post, I think.

    ITAF: Tak for det. Synes også at det passede utrolig godt i sort/hvid